Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Watch out the 360degree hotness !!

Sunday Morning ♥
The Pool, KL 
Food and drinks that you will never wanted to miss 

Jaz Khai (photographer) and Don Chan 
Yukiko and Don 
Literally, they were gossiping something while me 
trying to capture the moment. 
All these angles with their sexiest bikini designed by Dani Maia. 
Irresistible hot stuff </3
The candylicous type ;)  
Here we were for the finale collection 

Mandy, Michwmior, karmun are relaxing and enjoying with such a unavoidable show..

 Outfit of the day :
Top -- 2  toned color fluro crop cami, Topshop. 
Bottom -- Moto Denim hotpants, Topshop. 
Heels -- Blue Wedges, Vincci.
Accessories -- Diva
Sunglass -- Mango. 

 Little Shout Out
Woke up early the morning and was being super excited for everything!! 
Wonder where i am ? ? OHHMYY, i really wish i know !!  
Geergh (>.@"
On the way for breakfast and celebrating my parents anniversary ^ ^
They were all so dressed-up except me 
*ready for pool partyy* 
teeheee !!!
At first i had a hard time of looking for this place and realized it was like 
10 minutes away from my house, i was like WTHACK.
Well everyone was waiting and preparing to be rocked as you see from the picture above ;) 
You know what ??! 
My kind of hot stuff was not seeing guys with six packs but
food, fashion show and lots lots of drink;) They were heaven for me , dahhh @.@ 
Eventually show started with loud music and was pretty much noisy shouting here and there. 
The show was awesome and everything was perfectly fall in da place. 
The whole collection were sophisticated and beautifully fitted on their model. So glad!!
Aww, not much photos in my camera but i'm so lucky of taking photos 
with two lovely dahhling, mandy and karmun ;) 
At last i really need to thanks 360 Celsius Magazine & 360 TV  for inviting me to this grand pool party in town.  
and know bunch of awesome people and bloggers. 
For more exciting events you can check it out from HERE

Its was pleasure to meet you all dahlings  ♥
Stay tuned for more great picture and style !
Love ♥

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Soul Out

Top -- Little red cardigan, Mango.
Top-- White morocco lace, Topshop.
Botton -- Short pants, Zara.
Accessories- Peace out necklace, Market place. 

Little Shout Out  :  

Didnt sleep so much for the last whole night and 

was being dragged early the sunday morning.

 >> OHH WELL ! << 

wakey wakey ^ ^ 

Suppose, we should be having breakfast instead of lunch 

butt.... due to make-up and everything . teehee!!

SOORY about that  ;) 

Lunch at #soul out with my dearest ones .

Check out the place and you might like it ;) 

Food there were really good and delicious but lack of good services!!  

Soul Out, Jalan Ampang 
Add : G1, Ground Floor, Menara HSC, 187 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : + 60 (3) 2181 1626

Stay Tuned for more picture with style
Love ♥

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unchained melody

TOP --  Collar shirt , Zara. 

Bottom-- Shocking pink skirt, Bershka.

Accessories -- Flea Market. 

Heels -- 5 inch heels, Aldo.

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