Thursday, June 28, 2012

The X-Top Model Seach 2012

Official Media Launch of X-top Model search Malaysia 2012 held at Estate @ The Intermark, Kuala     Lumper   

With RaJ 


Malaysia prestigious model search is back for Season 2. This season they acts as a unique platform opportunity and a nuturing ground for the future and young X-generation 

 This season they are inviting young Malaysia female aged 18-27, with a minimum hight of 170cm tall.
 Ofcourse with a striking confident personality and friendly attitude =) 

The shortlisted top 10 finalist will undergo six weeks of intensive training that included thier appearances, catwalk routines, thematic & professional catwalk shoot training, public challenges plus reality show filming. 

Eventually the winner will walk away with a modeling contract, exclusive runway debut at Beijing Fashion Week, cash, prize and also sponsors contract worth USD$20,000.00. ♥ ♥ 

OHH lord, i wish i meet the criteria so i can be part of them.
The prizes and everthing seem to be so tempting. Too bad me ;( 

Eliana ( Supermodel ) 

Inside the goodies bag i found ... ..  ^ ^ Pairs of X- earring with quote of "Please dont hate me because i am beautiful" .

♥    ♥   

Outfit of the day :

Top - White Blouse, Mango. 

Short pants - Mango.

Wedges - Topshop. 

Little Shout Out : 

So what are you waiting for, ladies !! This is the once in the lifetimes things for every women. Grab this opportunities and be part of this. if you are interested in being the next X-top model search of 2012, do log on to and complete the application form. Deadline for submission of entry is by Saturday, 7 July 2012. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Splashy Sunday

Before things get started 

 Jaz ( photographer ) ♥

Don ♥

Jaz, Aris, Mandy 
The twins 
Michwmior, Jaz, Aris, Zana, Mandy

The deejay rock the party well ♥
Wilson Tan (supermodel) 
Waiting the show 
Dazzling hot model rolling out from nowhere 

Outfit of the day; 
Top, topshop.
Bottom, topshop. 
Clutch, Zara.
Red Cardigan,flea shop. 

Little Shout Out 

The Pool, Kl. Yess, again !!  
The theme for this party is pretty attractive me to attend at the first place. 
Burlesque .... .. What remind you of burlesque ? ?   (^ . ^) 
Of-course the very inspiring artist "Dita Von Teese".
The fetish women with the art of teese. 
I would totally love to spend every sunday of mine going to pool party. 
The day before i was really stretching my hair for what to wear for the splashy sunday 
but eventually i've got really cute outfit inspired by Katy Perry's song "thinking of you" 
music video. What can i tell when words cannot express my feeling toward it. 
Exciting, craziness, fun, enjoy, tipsy drinks, hot stuff with ripped jeans and six packs
teehehe, you know what i mean =)      
Thanks 360 Celsius Magazine & 360 TV  for invited. 
Feel free to check out more up-coming exciting pool 
events at their fans page at
You don't want to miss another pool party again at the pool,kl 

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