Wednesday, January 9, 2013

XALF Launch x Bentley Gallery

The XALF is a bespoke online footwear label celebrate their first ever collaboration.
A sophisticated soiree heralded the label debut. 

Guests were looking gorgeous that night to infuse themselves to such 
extraordinary grand bentley ballroom. 

Michw Mior (me) and Koorosh.C

Fascinating car 

First and foremost, 
Latin fusion dance performance by So You Think You Can dance 1st season winner,
 Cecilia Yong. 

I swear her dance was breath-taking 
and i believe you wanted to watch her dance too !! 

Lets begin, x 

"The emergence of Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex and the City ladies made it even more 
glamorous , attributing to our insanity."-- The designer explains. 



Black, sophisticated with spikes.

 Perfect for work and partying

Lovely strap heels for a great dinner 
this is my favorite ones. 


Two-toned open toe platform heels


Well,  it was honor to have her here.
 Malaysia celebrity star, 
Mizz Nina. 


Michw Mior (me) & Daniel Yue 

Young talented, 
Designer and partner
(Xavier Man & Alfred Hor) 

Little Shout Out -- 

I am glad that i was invited to this amazing and extraordinary evening.  
Perfect setting and amazing jazz boosted up the whole environment. Both designer have made all women dream come true. As bringing us to a whole new level of fashion heaven. They fulfilled the modern woman needs. In term of shape, size, design and comfort. They applied the best traditional craftsmanship through a complicated process which make their heels even more unique. Custom made heels such as peep-toe, strappy heels and ofcourse sky high platform heels. Especially personalized service will ensure that you get impeccable vintage craftsmanship with genuine calfskin leather.

Each Xpression creation is specially designed and accessorized according to the preference of anyone who logs on to their website >>> HERE . 

Have a wonderful day ahead lovely readers.