Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fashion's larger than life 

When I was young, I have always loved to draw and read Fashion magazines. I was fascinated with Fashion, and soon chose my path to become a Fashion Designer.
I realized that my dream was to be a Fashion Designer.

I was inspired by the thoughts of making clothes for people, thinking how I can transform and make each and every one of them looking elegant and beautiful.
I'd be very happy if my work could someday make a change in people's lives, satisfy them, and they would wear my work with confidence.

Apparently, My parents weren't quite happy and supportive towards my career as a Fashion Designer, they think it's a waste of time and money.

To every child, it means a lot to them and it is essential that parents support them in whatever they do.

I was discouraged. Eventually, I had to promised my parents that when I'm done with my Fashion studies, I would listen to what they say.

Deep down, that really made me sad and disappointed, until now.

Some artists such as Picasso, could spend the rest of their life painting, singing, doing the things they like to do until they die.

Why can't I be one of them ? I should stop thinking..

After all,  someone was willing to build my dream up.
She gave me a lot of chances to take up new challenges and kept encouraging me with my work.

Last year, I took part in this big fashion show here in Malaysia, called MIFW (Malaysia International Fashion Week 2010).

Standing on the stage was not easy! As I did not sleep properly for one whole month. I was working very hard to make this colorful dress which consisted
nine different colours. It was a good experience though ;P

I love what I do. And I hope I can inspire other people too 

"Life isn't that hard. It's just either Black or White." ;)

And I want to thank everyone out there who has been supporting me during my hard times! I'm grateful with your help and really appreciate it!

Love <3<3<3

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