Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mercedes-BenZ Stylo Fashion Grand Prix (Kronenbourg L'Aperitif Fashion)

Super-duper excited about the invitation
 to the fashion grand prix night . 
Dress code was about the french+chinois 
What do you say about his driving skill ?
Benjamin Toong (the catwalk guru in Amber Chia academy)
Dennis Lau (Electric Violinist&songwriter), 
i met him a few times and he is super friendly. 
Thumb Up !!  
kee hua chee, Malaysian high profile journalism 

Jenilyn Alexia, she has the cutest facial expression ever. 
Before the show started ;) 
Met my very old friends, Mei Mei and Daniel 
Hey vinss (Vincent), show started real soon. 
Classy weeding couture 
Simply yet exquisite 
Interesting Headpiece, i tell you ! 
Yes, too exaggerate
How about add on a little drama 
Wouldnt be that boring ;)
This is very interesting, no joke !
There was like brushes and alive butterfly inside ;) 
Dato Jimmy Choo, Dato Nancy Yeoh, Winnie Loo( A-cute above founder) 
and designer ;) 

No talking on the phone please jimmy @.<"

Jimmy has his cute little chicken face now , keke 

Frederick Kent, MichwMior, Vincent, James  

Do you like my outfit ;) 

Keep it up with me for more event from last week ;))) 


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  1. Very nice and well done i am so proud of you keep it up i believe you will be one of up and coming great and famous designer in town keep it up with your excellent work thumbs up to you