Tuesday, September 25, 2012

D.i.Y Headband x Giveaway 12''

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Little Shout Out ::

I have been spending my past Friday night sitting at home watching my favorite series "Gossip Girl Season 4" the wrong goodbye. In the meantime, i was making this pop-up floral headband. Absolute wearable headpiece in 2012. Surreal, visual , precious, romantic and much like a modern princess inspiration. The soft and romantic headband is definitely a favorite among everyone as it gives them an effortlessly yet sexy look. As you can see, my outfit was very simply black mini crop top and light mint green shorts. 

To enter the giveaway you must follow the follow steps !  

1.  Fan/follow me on either lookbook, fanspage or bloglovin.
2.  Tell me by email or leave a comment below of what do you like about my D.i.Y  headband.
3. This giveaway end on 20th October 2012. 
Goodluck my dearest reader.<3  

P/S  - - - -♥ Transitions in life are usually marked by major events, birthdays, graduations, weddings; but the greater transition often come out of smaller moments, when we stop and look at who we are, because each time we see how far we have come, we also see how far we still have to go. In order to fully transform, we might need to free ourselves of everything we’ve been holding on to, to send us on our new path, the right one. But if at the end, you find the person you have become is not the person you want to be. You can always turn around and try again. And may be the next time you won’t be so alone when it’s over, too late to turn back now, XOXO Gossip Girl.


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