Sunday, June 2, 2013

Silent 'n' Abstracted

 Love will not behave in the logical way you have aways expected. You will understand things 
only with your heart, and that can be a little frightening. 

Unexpected skinny high-waisted ripped jeans is varsity for a weekend outing... Playful yet trendy for        the coming season. ^ ^ 


                                                      Back on track !!
I've been vanished for such long time due to work loads and study ..  Like seriously emo with insomnia all the time   >.<" Eventually, I think I have got a better solution in handling stress now then ever ...  so hooray for me ..yay :) 

                                                         !!!! Yummme !!!! 
                                My favorite spaghetti of all time at Ben's restaurant 

When you're stressed, you eat ice cream, chocolate and sweets. You know why?  Is because "STRESSED" spelled backwards is "DESSERT" 


                          Fattening ??!! I know for sure :( but life is short so enjoy dessert first ^ ^ 

Sunday is always my favorite day of the week cause I can spend lot of time with my precious ones,
                                                                    Hugs & Kisses 

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